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Understand Creation

So many of the questions young people and old people alike ask, have their answers in the very beginnings of life. Evolution just doesn’t have answers. But Creation does. If we can understand Creation, we will know more about God. Then, God shows us what He had in mind when He made us. Your answers all go back to “In the beginning.…” Why do these things happen to us and what comes next?

Believe God

There is so much more. What about science and the environment? Why is there so much confusion about animal rights and climate? Is there truth concerning sexuality and orientation? Why do some people worry so much about salvation and Jesus?

Know Yourself

This series will lead you to the answers. Jesus, Creation & You brings you along to watch as everything unfolds from the first light. You are invited to attend the seminar, being conducted on the campus of Union Springs Academy, 31 USA Way, Union Springs, New York.

Our Speaker
Presenter for Jesus, Creation & You is Dr. Gary Wagner. Dr. Wagner has a deep experience with life. He has lived and worked in seven countries on several continents and visited many more. This journey has given him rich insights on the meanings and origins of life. His unique perspective of life and Scripture provide meaningful answers to the questions you may be asking today.

Receive a Free DVD on Opening Night
A free "God of Wonders" DVD about Creation will be given to each family attending opening night March 12.  

Live Streaming
If you can't attend the live seminar, join us through the live stream. The series will be available to review in the video archives at DrGaryWagner.com.

Download Highlights
Before the series begins, visit DrGaryWagner.com/creation to download the free Highlights of each lecture. These notes are designed for you to follow along and take notes during the presentations. They will also have references to all the Bible texts used in the presentations.

Free Child Care Available
The series schedule is each Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday evenings, March 12 through April 1 at 7:00 PM (Eastern time). Free childcare will be provided to parents attending the meetings, for children up to age 8.