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Firewood is processed to provide winter heating to local families
Union Springs Church provides firewood for the coming winter
Glendon Walter, the Elder for Nurture, had a great idea. “What if we cut firewood and give it to families in our community who will have trouble keeping their homes warm this winter.” It is an idea that was to be blessed by God.
The church decided to buy a truckload of logs from a local vendor and cut it, split it, and deliver it to needy people in the community. Everything was arranged. Local community service organizations and churches started giving names of families in need. One person who heard of the plan volunteered to pay for the logs.
When arrangements were made to buy the logs, the non-Adventist seller liked the idea so much, he volunteered to bring his cutter/splitter and help us do the work. He showed up on a Sunday morning in November. Church members showed up, and were joined by students, faculty and staff from Union Springs Academy. Within three hours, the log truck was empty, and there was a long row of six and a half cords of seasoned firewood, waiting to be delivered to waiting families.
We are beginning to understand how “Christ’s methods alone…” can be translated to upstate New York needs. Every time a piece of wood is put in the fire, its warmth will remind the person of the love of Jesus.