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Mayor Bud Shattock awards certificate of appreciation to Leonard Jakaub for his service to our country
Adventist Church Conducts Veterans Appreciation Service
Lt. Commander, Chaplain Arthur Slagle (Ret.) was the special guest speaker at the Veterans Appreciation service on Saturday, November 12 in the Union Springs, NY Church. Chaplain Slagle is an Associate Director of the Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries (ACM) for North American. He is responsible for leading out in chaplains work in the southeastern United States.
Certificates of appreciation were presented to twenty veterans by Union Springs Mayor, Bud Shattock. Veterans were selected to be honored in conjunction with the local American Legion Post 1107 including some veterans from the local church. The American Legion Post also provided the color guard to bring in the national and state flags.
During the service, the Union Springs Academy choir sang a beautiful rendition of the Battle Hymn of the Republic. The local Pathfinder Youth Club lined the entryway and saluted as the flags were paraded by the color guard.
Union Springs Church Pastor Gary Wagner announced that the local church and Union Springs Academy are working with the New York Conference in preparation to organize a chapter of the Medical Cadet Corps (MCC) in Union Springs in the near future.  The MCC chapter will train young adults, ages eighteen to thirty-five in community service, disaster preparedness and medical assistance in case of future military service.
MCC was de-activated in 1973 as the Vietnam War and the draft ended. It was re-activated this year by the world headquarters office of the Church in Silver Spring, Maryland.