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Union Springs Academy Ad Building Fire

December 3, 2016

A fire began in the Union Springs Academy Administration/classroom building today after 1:00 PM. Since it is Sabbath, no one was in the building. All students and faculty are accounted for. Firefighting equipment from many of the small communities around have come to deal with the fire. We don't yet have official confirmation on the cause or extent of the fire. We will post updates as they are available. Thank you for your prayers.

Friends of Union Springs Academy:

In order to keep from sending unauthorized information concerning this event, we have removed additional articles pertaining directly to the fire and to the after-effects of it. You can still get information from two official sources. They are:
the Union Springs Academy Facebook page at
the Union Springs Academy website at http://www.unionspringsacademy.org/

We will continue to provide our total support, assistance and prayers to the Academy, the students, faculty, and staff.